clanwar details

date: 14.04.2013
game / squad: >GPR< Silent Reapers (BF3 & BF4)
opponent: [GAF] / GAF-Clan
league: Fun-War / ESL Rules [matchlink]
maps: Operation Firestorm (RU-Team), Operation Firestorm (US-Team), Caspian Border (RU-Team), Caspian Border (US-Team)
map result
Operation Firestorm (RU-Team) 1 : 0
Operation Firestorm (US-Team) 0 : 1
Caspian Border (RU-Team) 0 : 1
Caspian Border (US-Team) 0 : 1
total 1 : 3
[GPR] team: Muhahahaha, GummiGana, neCro|CL, PcPAirgun, Cermit|L, Gen|L, _EasySqueezy_, Vertikalt, Keung|L
[GAF] team: Couldbefunny92, ApachyX, BL4CKT1GER, Shalashaska23, xXLinkeXx, technics1911, Murxle, Orangensaft_xD, Badge-Of-Pride
server: Server managed by other team
hltv server:
screenshots: no screenshots
Date is confirmed by other Team

Game Type: Conquest Small
Rounds: 2 rounds per map
Modus: Softcore
Players: 10 vs. 10
Rules: ESL-Rules

(find the Rules here:

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