10.02.2017 - 10:06
Battlefield 1 - First details on the new upcoming DLC weapons

Yesterday, the first details on the upcoming DLC weapons have been released.
According to the informations, there will be 4 new rifles, 1 new shotgun, 1 new pistol and 3 new melee weapons.

Primary weapons:
- Ribeyrolles 1918 ---> Assault
- Sjögren Inertial ---> Shotgun Assault
- RSC 1917 ---> Medic
- Lebel Modell 1886 ---> Scout
- Chauchat ---> Support
- MLE 1903 Extended (This weapon is already available in the Assault class. After releasing the DLC it will be available in all classes)

Melee weapons:
- Cogwheel Club
- Nail Knife
- Trench Fleur

- Char 2C Behemoth
- Saint-Chamond Heavy Tank
- Siege Howitzer

Additionally there will be 10 extra ranks added to the game, what means that the max. Rank gets increased from 100 to 110.

Quelle: Youtube

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