05.05.2017 - 00:21
May-Update Battlefield 1

Today the first infos on the upcoming May update for Battlefield 1 have been leaked.

To keep up with the monthly task, there will also be a larger update for Battlefield 1 in May.

Changes and improvements will be made in Operations-mode, to facilitate the search for a match.
A look at the CTE also reveals the changes that may occur with the May update.
Currently at testing in CTE:

- Changes in vehicles (Self-repairing, Armory, etc.)
- Anti-Air with more range (450m instead of 300m)
- Stationary anti-air with more hitpoints, also indestructable, hast to be repaired below 50%
- New tickets system for conquering a flag in Conquest mode
- Increased tickets in Domination mode (200 instead of 100)
- Above all players running out of ammo, a newly created symbol will be shown
- Bajonet-attack´s power will be slightly lowered (Screamings and steps will become easier to locate)

Source: Youtube


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